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Be Loved. Be Love.

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When you are intimate with another person, it is the little idiosyncrasies and the special world that the two of you forge together, that creates a lasting, unbreakable bond.
The special language, the inside jokes, the effortless communication and synchronicity is the tie.
The flow of mutual understanding and cooperation done in complete vulnerability and selfless trust. A life done in tandem.
This is what Holy Spirit desires with each of us.
This is intimacy. Becoming intimately acquainted with the Completion that already exists within us—realizing that you are home, full and satisfied in Christ.From this place of knowing, we can love others.
From this place, we can build lasting community and real intimacy with other people.

Be loved. Be love.

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Pick A Color

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This isn’t for everybody, but can be for anybody. Whether or not it’s for you…that’s for you to decide…This morning I got a special beach edition encounter and word from The Lord.
I have a feeling that it may benefit a few of you, soI’ll share.
While sitting and talking with The Lord, I became increasingly intoxicated by the awareness of His awesome fullness. We were just enjoying each other.
Before long, He grabbed me and took me into a vision. Just a moment prior, I was looking across the room at a table and chairs by a wall. Suddenly between me and the table appeared a large, three-dimensional circular color wheel. The wheel, floating in between the floor and ceiling, was held in place by the power emanating off of it. The Holy Spirit. The wheel was three dimensional and had many brilliant colors on it, and also had texture.The Lord said, “Pick a color.”

So, I reached out and poked a random color with my fingertip. As soon as my finger touched the color, it popped all the way out of the wheel and I was able to see the brilliant complexity of it from the inside. There were hues, tones and undertones, all illuminated on the spectrum of light. It was amazingly dynamic. He proudly chuckled as He said, “Let other people argue over black and white. Those who want to be my friends can come and play and explore the color spectrum with Me, if they want.”


This kind of thing is enough to ruin a person for the mundane.

There is so much to explore of/with God and I am dead-set on enjoying my friendship with Him as much as possible.

I am fully committed to not looking around at what everyone else is telling me I should be looking at, and paying attention to and trying to do, rather, I will be busy playing around in the color spectrum with God and telling others how cool it is and inviting and helping them do the same.

There is a time and place for black and white to be defined and it is necessary, but there are plenty of capable folks who feel that’s what they are supposed to do…that’s very cool, but I will do what I have been invited to do. Period.

Once you have the black and white defined for you by the leading of Holy Spirit, I strongly encourage you to ask Him to begin to take you into exploration mode into the the color spectrum.

You will never be the same…

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