6 Simple Ways To Be Relationally Cool With God

Have you ever wondered how to be cool with God? I have. It is so refreshing that He has made tapping into, and cultivating, a thriving and vibrant relationship with Him so simple, but we often forget…

It’s so simple, in fact, that it takes a smart person to screw it up. We say that we want to be friends with God, but we often don’t treat Him as though He is one. But give yourself a break! Seriously.

In just a sec I’ll tell you a few keys, in easy to understand jargon, that I wish someone would have spelled out for me.

I fully believe that most people don’t intentionally not interact with God in a way that is relationally healthy, they just don’t know how.

I mean, think about it, if we humans often have such a hard time relating with each other, then of course learning how to be cool with God may also take a little thoughtfulness.

The good thing is that you can grow in relational skills with both God and other people at the same time.

It is almost hilarious how easy and simple He has made fellowship with Him to be. We as humans just love to over-complicate things. That’s why I provide these few simple keys to utilize, because I learned simplicity the hard way.

Remember, God is a person.

He has actual, current thoughts, feelings, opinions, perspectives and emotions

Look, I get it. Sometimes it’s hard to be aware of this. I have many conversations with folks who struggle with being engaged and present with a spouse who can actually be easily and tangibly recognized. It is even more difficult when you are relating with what can appear to be Divine invisibility. Ha!

But, here’s the thing: like any other relationship that is important to us, it is paramount that the other person is not a duty to us, and that we learn to engage them with our full attention.

Some may accuse you of “working”, but you know that you are not working, you are driven by love.

Here are some examples of keys to healthy interaction, and remember, this has nothing to do with working or striving and has everything to do with being cool with God, because after all, He is ALWAYS cool with us.


Check this out:


1. Care about what He has to say

Seriously! This sounds obvious, but it is easy, especially in relationships where there is comfortability, to have things go in one ear and straight out the other. Relational laziness.

You can have an obligatory conversation with another person with the other person being very aware that you do not care what they have to say. They will not be impressed, nor should they be impressed by this lackluster dutiful attempt. You may as well not have even attempted it because no real relational connection was made.

God is not impressed with these sorts of dutiful interactions. He is interested in caring about what you have to say and you also caring about what He has to say.


2. Enjoy being with Him

Who wants to be with someone that has no interest in being them? NO ONE!

Fortunately God is awesome. Really, really awesome and He doesn’t hold it against us.

Any other human being would take such behavior as rejection and quickly abort the friendship in search of more compatible pairings. It is so freeing to realize that God is always fully present, even if we aren’t.

He is secure enough in Himself to not turn off His heart to you because of feelings of rejection. That is an enjoyable fact that draws us into further depth of engagement with Him.


3. When He is talking, be attentive and actually listen, don’t just hear

We are all guilty of half way listening when talking with another person.

You strike up a convo with your spouse or friend, only walk away or pull out your phone as soon as they start talking. It makes no sense, but it happens all the time. Same occurs with God. People often ask God something and the get frustrated that He doesn’t answer. My first question when I hear this is, “Did you listen for an answer”


God doesn’t have a talking problem, people have a listening problem.


4. Find out what He is interested in, not just what you are interested in

No one likes the friend who is only interested in themselves and wants to dominate every interaction with their own agenda vomited carelessly into the relational area.

In fact, that is hardly a friend.

Surely there are times when one friend has needs that require attention and need to take preference, but aside from exceptions like that, relationship should be a mutually beneficial flow and exchange of thoughts, feelings, perspectives, insights.


5. Make note of His tendencies (ways) and interact accordingly

If you are aware of these tendencies and are relationally aware, you will notice and easily be able to interact accordingly.

Being the awesome God that He is, He likes to meet you in those, but sometimes stretches you outside of those.

In interacting with God, you will begin to recognize patterns. These patterns are not formulas, but you will find that He has created you and wired you to communicate and relate in ways that are unique.


6. Always give Him the benefit of the doubt

A reasonable person who has a dear friend, who appears to have done something offensive, will always give the friend the benefit of the doubt.

They will defend the friend in their mind first, before accusing them.

This is because they know the friend well and trust their motives and intentions. Being cool with God is the same way.

Don’t rush to judgment and make assumptions and acquisitions of Him. Just because something doesn’t appear to be logical to you doesn’t mean that what is going on isn’t about to rock your world for the better.

It may just look different than you thought. After all, He is always good and always has your best interest in mind.


God is always going to love you, even if you treat Him like dirt.

But why in the world would you want to do that?!?

Why not grow in depth of relationship by practicing very practical relational ninja approaches like this so that you can clear the communication channels and freely interact God.

Give it a shot and have a blast doing it. It’ll change your world!


P.S. The keys equally apply to relating to your friendships and significant other, so practice them often and watch as the depth and quality of your relationships thrive! 😉

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