A Moment With The King

This morning, I sit. Meditating. My heart rate slows and my breath also. My mind wants to wander. It wants to insight me down a rabbit trail to take me out of the moment. The moment of transformation.

Not gonna happen.

Everything in me lives and longs for what I am about to experience. That is, the realization of everything that is true about me and God…US…

I have experienced the fullness of the present moment of oneness with God many times. However, it is my constant abiding place that I often attempt to mentally vacate.

But my heart ALWAYS pulls me back. He always pulls me back, and it’s about to happen again. I can feel it.

I close my eyes and in the spirit I grab my heart and my mind and helplessly, like a child, I hand them over to God.

“Take them.” I tell Him with a confident desperation.

Then it happened. He happened. We happened.

My previously wandering  mind is quickly locked into extreme focus, clearing the channel for the Infinite, Eternal, Divine life within me to flood my consciousness.

My heart is suddenly drowned with peace. My Mind becomes still and aware that it is floating in wholeness. Joy and hope rise to the surface.

My location is the same, but I instantly have a different vantage point. My perspective in now outside of what my physical senses perceive. The never ending oneness has been realized and I become renewed with no effort on my own part other than giving up.

This is rest realized. This is my healthy obsession.

I only talk about what God has made a reality for me. Anything else is but a theory.

Entering, and living from, God’s rest is literally my source of everything. It is not rhetoric or propagandize. It is not an escape mechanism or slight of hand trick.

Knowing God and being able to be sucked into the awareness of my connection to His heart within me, and being enthralled and enamored in Him is EVERYTHING.

Every moment is a moment with the King; but every moment is not a realized moment with the King. 

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