The Message

Explore God

Discover You

Create Your Future

The Function







If you have found yourself asking any of the following questions…

“Is there more to God than I know?”

“Is there more to myself than I know?”

“Is there more to life than what is prescribed to me by other people?”

“How do I explore God?”

“How do I discover myself?”

“How do I create my future?”

You’re in the right place.

I believe that God is better than we know, we are better than we know, and life is better than we know. In order to render awesome, meaningful lives, we must realize this clearly.

About Jeremy Mangerchine

Following a radical, transformative spiritual awakening, Jeremy discovered his superpower is cultivating authentic relational connections with people and helping them to cultivate similar authentic relationships with God, themselves and their deepest passions.

After founding Bastion Ministries with his wife Shannon, he expanded the modes of expressing his passion by writing three bestselling books and starting a coaching/consulting business helping high potential individuals and organizations see their passions expressed into reality, free of stress, beyond the clutches of fear.

You will find Jeremy’s approach to be uniquely refreshing and free of facade. His deepest desire is to see you thrive.

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