Explore God

Everything starts with relationship with God. Encountering and exploring the endless depths of the person of God is paramount.

But it is backwards from what most are taught.  

Exploring God is about tapping into the Oneness of Christ within you, not about obtaining something from without.

All of everything you will ever need has been provided to you and you discover this truth as you interact relationally, and rest in your perfect unity with God.

As you do this, He will challenge you to discover yourself…


Discover You

What makes you come alive? Who are you and who are you hardwired to be? What are your giftings and passions? How do you most effectively operate? These are just a few of the many questions that you should be asking yourself.

Perhaps you were raised to think that you were not worthy of being great and that you are relegated to a life of mediocrity…you are way more…

You are brilliant. You are creative. You are unique. And you are powerful.

You must face your fear and get in touch with the reality of who you are.

As you do, you will begin to “crush it” in life.  

Once you know who you are, you can create an awesome future…


Create Your Future

What have you always wanted to do? What do you long to create or build? What do you desire in life for yourself, your family and your business?

Whether or not you are in touch with those desires, it matters very little if you aren’t expanding and developing in co-creating the life you and God dream up together. A dream without action is just a distracting daydream.

You have been empowered to do amazing things in life and I want to help you.

Let’s begin…


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