Implementing Microscopic Change For Mega-Impact Results


It is amazing how seemingly microscopic adjustments can have such drastic results on your life. I just implemented a little tweak to my weight training and got immediate and dramatic results–increasing my strength by at least 10 pounds.

I’ve been weight training for many years and have a pretty good sense for what I am doing.

At least I thought so.

But apparently I still have a lot to learn…and tweak. I’ll explain in a sec…

The other day while training (it was back day) at the gym, I was listening to a podcast and the man being interviewed was an expert in power lifting. While I do not train like a power lifter, I figured perhaps there were still some things I could learn from this expert in his practice (yes, weight training is a PRACTICE) at the very least, I could be entertained.

Then came the big secret! I halfway listened to the podcast while I got my swoll on–that is until I had my mind blown by the simplest little detail that I had been overlooking for so long. (my ego was also put in check 😉

In the midst of a list of simple tips and tricks to increase strength, the man suggested, among other things, squeezing the weight in your hands as hard as possible while pushing or pulling.


That’s it!?!


That. Is. It!

That is the magical secret that I discovered and  implemented and am still benefiting from. Here’s how it worked.

The ironic thing is that as I was listening, I has weight in my hand and was not squeezing very hard as I pulled the weight. Instead I was doing as I often do–creating a sort of hook with my fingertips and pulling with the hook.

I followed the suggestion and I tried changing up my grip as the guy suggested. I held the handle closer into my palm and clinched my fist nearly as hard as I could while pulling the weight.

It worked! It really worked! That one seemingly minuscule tweak had a major impact on my training and my strength has gone through the roof!

Catch this!

A lot of times, we seek monumental shifts in our lives and think that if we don’t make huge adjustments, that real change will never occur. While that is sometimes the case, more often than not, the truth is that regular, small tweaks are what combine to become the monumental changes. These little tweaks compound in ways that we hardly notice until they explode into large results.

Take just a second and think about your own life. What are some small changes that you could make in your life, and your thinking, and your belief system, that could have a huge impact in your life?

Here are a few suggestions. (But there are many more!)

1. Choosing to be mindful of the things you think about: When you are mindful of your thoughts you have mastery over them. That is the way God would have us life. After all, He gave us His authority, as well as, full access to His mind.

2. Do not accusing yourself: Just don’t do it! Don’t go there! You know who you are and what God says about you. Therefore, jump to #3.

3. Encouraging yourself: If necessary, constantly remind yourself of your oneness with God. Encourage yourself regularly by reminding yourself who you are. You will soon find yourself being a great encourager of others.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the big picture. Stay focused, stay positive and make small tweaks as needed and watch the results simply happen.

Peace and love!


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