Suck The Wisdom (and money) Out Of Flash-In-The-Pan Experiences

How many times have you been through a profound experience only to, a few days later, wonder what the heck happened and what was gained from it?

Let’s say for example, you are in need of finances. You really need to pay your bills that are due in three days, but are running low on cash. You need an additional $1,200 to cover your expenses. All of your efforts to improve your situation have resulted in no possitive momentum. Bare-in-mind that your efforts are based out of your current level of understanding of finances.

As you lay in your bed that night, you decide that worrying is not of God. So you muster up some faith and wing a prayer to heaven asking God for a miracle to have your immediate financial needs met. As you pray, you essentially lay down your need at His feet. You finally go to sleep.

The next day you go to your mail box to grab your mail and there is only one envelope that isn’t obviously junk mail. You open it then and there to find that it is a handwritten note scratched on a piece of notebook paper with a check inside. Of course you look at the check before reading the letter. The check reads:


After you finish jumping up and down with giddy excitement paired with massive relief, you turn your attention to the paper.

  Hey Cuz,
Thank you for the loan. Sorry for the delay in repaying.
Consider the extra $50 interest.
Joe Schmoe

You can’t believe it. You totally forgot about this money. You had given it up for dead long ago. Now it has proven to be your miracle.

Quickly, before you get sidetracked, you deposit the money and pay your bills.

You then tell God about a million times, thank you!

What just happened?

Your immediate need was met. It was profound and amazing. God is good. On one hand, your faith has increased and that is a very good thing, but on the other hand your long term situation really hasn’t changed at all. A month from now, you will likely be in the movie Groundhogs Day. You will be praying for another miracle. Is that really the life of a son or daughter of the most high God, hooked up to an unlimited inheritance in Christ?

As wonderful as it is to live paycheck to paycheck, dependent on God, He truly wants more for us.

One of the hardest hitting things the Lord has ever said to me threw me through a loop because it challenged not only my current situation, but also a longstanding limiting mindset that I had about finances.

He said, “Jeremy, slaves live hand-to-mouth, kings have war chests.”


Over the last couple of years we have survived off of the mentality I just mentioned in the story, but during the same time, God has been adamant about teaching me to grow in wisdom in finances and cooperating with Him to better ourselves.

You see, there is an aspect to God’s nature of deeply enjoying taking care of our needs. There is also an aspect to His nature of enjoying releasing to us, wisdom that will open us up to greater understanding, thus enabling us to better steward things like finances. Then He knows that we aren’t just going to plug holes in metaphorical worry dams with miracle funds, but we will have the capability to multiply the resources that He entrusts us with. Then we are no longer living to have our basic needs met, but are looking to help other have theirs met.

The takeaway is this: Some things God does one time and we are not supposed to try and duplicate. However, many of the experiences God gives us come with a substantial wisdom nugget, that if recognized, received and applied, will give you the ability to walk in mastery of that particular area of your life. You can then gift the world with the byproduct and pass on the wisdom to the next generation to build upon.

God has made the wisdom abundantly available. Just receive.





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