The How-to of Mind Renewal

What can you do if you find yourself feeling distant and isolated from God?

If you find yourself ensnared in a lie that says you are not complete in Christ, that He is not one with you and in you, a lie that leaves you feeling worried, afraid, alone, or not trusting God, what should you do?

First of all, stop beating yourself up! Seriously! Chill out! The negative, accusing and condemning self-talk has got to go. No more agreeing with and empowering your demise.

Give yourself a break; stop agreeing with the devil and start agreeing with God. Stop telling yourself you are guilty for not spending enough time with God. Stop telling yourself that you are a horrible person for making a silly mistake. Stop condemning yourself for falling back into an old incident or pattern of sin.

Then you can move forward.

Then you reset!

You reset by renewing your mind.

Renewing the mind is essentially hitting the reset button.  You flush the mental toilet to remove the junk mindsets that accuse and lie to you, all that smelly stuff that is attempting to bump you out of the realization and possession of your true home—complete wholeness in Christ and perfect unity with Him.

Through His empowering grace, this is a resetting of every faculty of yourself to simply be conscious of His present fullness in you.  This is your new reality.

It is new because, as the Scripture says, His mercies are new every morning!

It is effortless, because He already accomplished the work and empowers you to cooperate in the immediate here and now.

All that is required of you is making a conscious decision to agree. This cooperation is founded in and rests in and is fueled by the force of God’s abundant, empowering grace.

Anything other than the profoundly simple fact of Christ in you, the hope of glory—of perfect unity with Him with zero possibility of separation—must get the flush.

Fear?  He is your protector and sustainer—flush.

Lack?  He has infinite resources and delights in giving you access—flush.

Worry?  He is your peace, hope and joy—flush.

Separation?  There is no such thing—flush.

Sickness?  He is your healing—flush.

Reset to rest in the fact that it is finished.

Those things are not a part of you! They are mindsets trying to trick you to allow them to attach themselves to you and become a part of your identity.

Impossible! Don’t stand for it!

Here’s how you accomplish the reset:

You don’t!

He already did!

You align with that reality by making a conscious decision to be aware of and trust in the fact that He has already defeated anything you are up against.

Anything you need, He has made provision for.

As you focus on His fullness in us, He lifts your hand, pulls the handle, and flushes.

He takes your hand and hits the reset button.

Reset to this mindset of truth and grace, regularly and watch everything change.

When I am feeling anxious, fighting stress or fear, or am unable to rest or find the peace of Christ, I sit still and get quiet. I close my eyes and picture the true reality of me in perfect harmony and oneness with God, and detach the lying mindsets from me.

Oftentimes, as soon as I try to reset and get quiet, I find quiet hard to come by. This is because the noise of whatever lie, deception, or distraction is vying for my attention at the moment can surge forward and become very overwhelming and loud.

At this point, rather than trying to fight the deception directly, I ask the Holy Spirit to identify the deception, lie, or deceit I have knowingly or unknowingly embraced.

There is a thought process that desires to lead me out of rest, to live contrary to my identity in Christ. These thoughts tend to sneak into my consciousness, hiding behind surges of emotions or legitimate questions or the comments and actions of others.  Before I know it then, this lie—that I am unworthy, that God’s forgiveness is not complete, that maybe God doesn’t know my circumstances, or any one of a thousand other concocted fables—has unknowingly led me down the road toward unbelief and deception.

I somehow forget that it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.

Therefore, I humble myself and invite Him to shine His light on and through my soul in order to reveal any garbage hidden there.

When I am deceived, I have no idea what I need. But, as soon as I submit to Him, to the awareness of His favor, and invite Him to do a chiropractic adjustment of my mind and emotions, everything changes.

Identifying the problem is a big deal, and only He can do it for you. Not only does He identify the problem, but He is also the only one who can cleanse that particular area by washing it with truth.

He either illuminates my heart and mind with a truth that immediately zaps the lie which is causing the chaos, or He bombards me with so much of His glory that chaos couldn’t stand a chance. Chaos, doubts and lies are drowned out and swept away in His goodness and love.

Renewing the mind is a fun, freeing, and intimately interactive event that—while it may look similar time and time again—is far a formula. It is taught and led by Holy Spirit.

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