Wanna Influence God?

Have you ever wondered how to influence God? Or perhaps if it’s ok to try to influence Him? Would you even dare approach the omnipotent deity that wields sovereignty with an iron fist and a hard heart?

Or is He really not like that at all?

I’m here to tell you that having influence with God is ¬†entirely possible. But like any other Divine relational dealing, there is an artful approach and tact that should be considered. That is because relating with God in such a way is not at all a science, and is absolutely an art. An art that plays-out best through love.

I’m going to use an example from my own personal life that depicts the ways of God. I will do so, because I learned it from Him and it has become sort of a “core value” of mine.

There are people that know me and know that I am an extremely reasonable person–in that if you are cool with me, and come at me in a manner that is also reasonable, as an appeal rather than a demand–you can pretty much get me to do anything.

I’m a big softy.

I will do things that I normally wouldn’t do. I will even change my mind for a relational cause.

I will never violate my true nature or be something I’m not, but for the sake of cooperation with another person I will gladly bend, given the right circumstances.

On the flip-side, if you come at me aggressively, with demands and a line drawn in the sand, I will probably just chuckle and notify you that I am not interested in playing such games.

However, if you are willing to re-think your approach and return a second time with a more diplomatic heart, I would gladly take a look at your proposed agenda.

If you are somebody who only approaches me when you have an agenda, that tells me very clearly that I am a means to your end, and that you are not interested in knowing or relating with me as a person or with my heart.

We can still be in relationship, but this is not an ideal channel for love to flow.

I believe with all of my heart that God loves to be influenced. Not because He is flippant or unsure of Himself. Not because He is insecure and needs help, but because when somebody is so confident in themselves, in their inheritance in Him, in their right to freely access Him, that they regularly engage Him at a heart level and they can confidently say to God,

“God do that.”

And He will smile and say, “Good idea” and gladly do it.

I am not saying that God will not act on account of less than ideal interaction, because after all, God is grace.

I am saying that the key to it all is to walk in depth of love with God and interact with Him through love.


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