What Mr. Miyagi Would Have You Know About Rest

Don’t you just love how the wisest of teachers seem to have a zen-like approach to leading their pupils into becoming masters of their craft?

They have tested and proven methods of imparting the greatest timeless secrets of mastery. The pupil almost gives themselves over to the guidance of the wise teacher and unquestioning obedience is standard practice.

This kind of approach doesn’t go over to well in modern western Christianity, but there is some great value juice to be sucked out of this example fruit.

Remember Mr. Miyagi in the movie Karate Kid? Of course you do! Everyone loves Mr. Miyagi!

His approach to guiding his student, Danielson, was great. Here’s why.

Daniel, a scrawny, intimidated little guy was new in town and quickly became a bully magnet. Unable to do much by way of thwarting his aggressors, Daniel, by chance became connected with Mr. Miyagi, an old man well versed in the ways of butt kicking.

Daniel was able to convince Mr. Miyagi to take him on as a protege, in order to be trained so that he could face his nemesis in a karate tournament.

But little did Daniel know, his training would look much different than he had envisioned.

Instead of learning how to punch, kick and block, Danielson (Renamed by Mr. Miyagi) was given chores.

He was told to paint a fence with a brush in each hand, and a particular from of stroke–upwards and downwards. He was also tasked with waxing his teacher’s classic car, also using a specific method of hand movement in one-at-a-time circular hand motions.

Come on, you know “Wax on, wax off!”

Danielson became jaded and frustrated that he was not being taught the way he had assumed he should be taught. Little did he know, a foundation was being built.

It wasn’t until it all came to a head as the movie was drawn to conclusion that Daniel would finally get his chance to take on his rival and claim his retribution. This time, in the ring (actually, it was a mat.)

The bout began by Danielson taking a severe beating yet again from his bully. He was facing another hopeless defeat. As he mustered one final burst of energy to lift himself off the mat, Danielson had a flash back to his training with Mr. Miyagi.

Bruised and battered, he stood tall he reverted to the positions that he was taught to take over and again while working and training with his mentor.  What seemed to be pointless and mundane exercises that doubled as slave labor suddenly, when put into practice in context, became the exact moves that would serve as the defeating blows to his enemy.

With a swift blow to his opponent, Danielson became victorious.

He even got the girl.

Now, let’s put this story in context.

This is what Mr. Miyagi would have you know about rest:

I have a lot of people ask me about hearing God, walking in healing, things like that. What God has shown me about walking in the power of supernatural “stuff’ is backwards. Much like Mr. Miyagi, my response is basic and seems like a trick, but it is not.

The truth is, that learning the art of practicing rest is where is I discovered all of my butt kicking powers.

Rest is where I discovered the voice of God, began to see visions, tapped into healing power, all of it!!!

So, how then do you discover rest, Jeremy? Well I’m so glad you asked, because that is the correct question. It is a question that I am asked a lot!

Because I am lazy and dislike doing the same thing over and over, I wrote a book to answer the question once and for all.

Even better, I have made it available for $0.99!

Click HERE and download.

Go get it. I made it really short and easy to read. After all, something as simple as rest should not be over complicated. If it helps you, I’d love to hear from you.

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